Murder Mystery – The game

Hotel Kriunes invites you to a Murder Mistery - The game

Hotel Kriunes offers a fun improv Murder Mystery game for events, team building or just for friends.

Murder Mystery is a great interactive game for events, team building or just a fun night with friends. The game is for groups of 16 – 30 people. The group is provided with characters, their backgrounds and top secret information that it not supposed to be shared. It is imperative to dress up like you think your character should be. The group comes together for dinner, but the guests are not restricted to sit around the dinner table, but instead they should mingle with other characters and get to know them. The guests have permission to interrogate or take actions with the other characters to help them solve the murder case or finish their characters goals. The more the guests get into their character the more fun the game will be.

All the guests are under suspicion, but only one in the group is the killer. Who can it be?!

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