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Geothermal pools have been a big part of Iceland’s identity and part of icelanders way of keeping in shape and relaxing from the days of the first settlers. There are about 200 swimming pools all over Iceland.Snorri Sturluson a historian and auther is created to have built the oldest pool in Iceland.
In Kopavogur there are two very nice geothermal swimming pools Kópavogslaug and Salalaug.

Salalaug - Swimming pool

Salalaug is a community pool with a range of choices from an exercise pool to a naturally heated pool and three hot tubs with different tempratures and one cold tub.

Sundlaugin í Kópavogi - Swimming pool

Sundlaugin í Kópavogi is an aquatic recreation venue. Hit has six pools three indoors and three outdoors with slides and seven hot tubs with different tempratures.


Skylagoon is newly opened seven step ritual. Steps consist of nourishing your senses and is an unique experience which no one should miss.